Fluorowatcher, Fluorescence MicroArray Scanner

Fluorowatcher is a compact and portable fluorescent imager designed for imaging fluorescent molecules (for example, protein biochips). The instrument by standard operates on 2 channels: CY3 and CY5. The instrument is able to work with 96-well plate, a 12 x 8 well strip, as well as microscopic glasses (placed in a special adapter). The device takes images from the below, so the wells must have a transparent bottom. The device is equipped with a highly sensitive CMOS camera capable of taking more sensitive images in a short exposure time, which saves operating time. Image filtering goes through fluorescent filters.

The instrument has an automatic mechanism of vessel ejection outside the body. The instrument can operate with a 20V portable lithium- ion battery, which makes the device usable in the field studies or point-of-care. The compact design allows the device to be carried in the hand luggage of the aircraft.


Software Features:

• Grid lay-outing

• Analysing images by the total brightness of the spots

• Qualitative/quantitative analysis of the images

• Creating Qualitative/quantitative assays

• Taking images in specified locations

• Report exports to PDF, CSV, EXCEL

• Control of camera exposure, XYZ kinematics and channels


CY3, CY5

Fluorescence channels

96 well plate/12 x 8 well strip/4 microscope slides



Light source

>10 000 hours

Lifetime of the light source

USB 2.0

Data interface for unit controls



USB 3.0

Data interface for camera control



png/bmp/tiff/jpg, 16/24/32 Bit

Image formats

Manual, adjustable via PC


Controllable, up to ~30 sec.




Windows (x32/x64 bit) 7 SP1, 8.1, 10;
Intel i5, 4GB RAM,

SSD 200GB, 1 port USB 3.0, 1 port USB 2.0

PC requirements

330 × 345 × 170 mm

Size (W×D×H)

not more than 8 kg

Weight, w/o power supply

Input AC 100–240 V 50/60 Hz,

Output DC 20-24 V, 2.5A

Power supply

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