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Our Vision & Mission

We see that the science should be viewed as a whole rather then solely divided to chemistry, biology or physics. Along the history, they helped each other to bring to life new discoveries for the good of the public with reaching its major goal: improving the quality of life. That is why we have chosen the life sciences as our main field. Technologies like silicone semiconductors, high accuracy production tools, easy to access knowledge base that were once high-tech products on its own. In fast developing world it's all became an intermediate product in the hands of modern developers. Software solutions that have been integrated into the life sciences products over the last years have substantially increased the precision and reproducibility of the methods and results. It will help to decrease the probability of the mistake which will result in cost reductions and substantial increase in effectiveness. We believe that integration of modern technologies in the laboratories will lead to more open and exciting life sciences world. It will enable scientists to take advantage of possibilities to use the easy and learning-friendly knowledge base, as well as to make one’s own contribution.

Our mission is to develop and produce innovative devices for life sciences market – mainly biological sciences (biotechnology, molecular/cellular/micro biology) – devices with unique features that will help scientists create exciting research and analysis methods.

Our Values

  • check icon Providing high quality innovative equipment to our end-users
  • check icon Creation of value for life sciences sector, in a way that with our equipment scientists will be able to create new and more effective methods
  • check icon Respect of intellectual property
  • check icon Effective competition in providing innovative and unique solutions, constantly increase our market share in every country, create value for company stakeholders and staff by being profitable and effective

Latest news

Medica 2021

We have been demonstrating Colorwatcher at Medica 2021 in collaboration with Innobiochips. The fair generated new leads and sales which will definitely expand our presence on the microarray market.

HBV Case Study

We publish a case study of programming HBV vaccine susceptibility test using our instrument and software.

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