Cellwatcher is planned for 2021!


Cellwatcher, CO2 incubator cell imager is planned for release in 2021.

Learn more about our Fluorowatcher!


Fluorowatcher, Fluorescent microarray imager is released.
Fluorowatcher is a compact and portable fluorescent imager designed for imaging fluorescent molecules (for example, protein biochips).
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Take a look at our new Colorwatcher!


Colorwatcher, Colorimetric microarray imager is released.
Colorwatcher is a compact and portable instrument designed for imaging colorimetric arrays (for example, DNA, protein biochips).
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icColony is ready to go!


icColony, Petri Dish Colony Imager is released.
icColony is a colony imager that takes images of biological colonies growing on Petri dishes.
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OD Plate is out!


OD Plate, OD plate reader verification instrument is released.
OD Plate is the measurement verification instrument for micro-plate photometers.
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BioMassGene-4 release!


BioMassGene-4, Personal Bioreactor with OD and fluorescence measurement is released.
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